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Vote for Character, Truth and Competence

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for this important public service announcement.


People have called this election the most important in the history of our country.

I agree with them.

Because this is not just an election to choose our president for the next four years.

This is an election that will determine whether character, truth and competence still matter in the United States of America. Whether equal opportunity and equal justice matter. Whether we want to have a democracy or whether we want to have a royal family.

Let's compare the two men who are running for president, Joe Biden and Donald Trump:


Biden is a good man. Trump is not.

Biden is an honest man. Trump is a liar and a cheat.

Biden is a family man. Trump pays hush money to porn stars.

Biden has empathy. Trump is a bully who cares only about himself.

Biden goes to church. Trump poses for photo ops in front of church.

Biden shares credit and admits mistakes. Trump blames everyone but himself.

Biden is humble. Trump spends $70,000 on his hair, shoots fireworks that spell his name and hires an Obama impersonator to fire in a video.


Biden wants to preserve democracy. Trump wants to be a dictator.

Biden stands up to thugs and strong men. Trump writes them love letters.


Biden quotes Kierkegaard. Trump can't pronounce Yosemite.

Biden listens to experts. Trump recommends drinking clorox.

Justice and Equality

Biden promotes unity. Trump fans the flames of fear and hatred.

Biden condemns violence. Trump compares shooting a black man to missing a putt.

Biden believes in the rule of law. Trump believes he and his cronies are above the law.


Biden believes in science. Trump denies climate change.

Biden lost a son to cancer. Trump thinks windmills cause cancer.


Obama-Biden had zero staff indictments. Trump brought us Manafort, Flynn, Cohen, Stone and Bannon.

Biden pays his taxes and releases his returns. Trump hides his returns and brags that not paying taxes "makes me smart."

Health Care

Biden helped pass Obamacare. Trump went to court to eliminate coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Domestic Violence

Biden wrote the Violence Against Women Act. Trump bragged about grabbing women by their genitals.

Gun Violence

Biden helped ban assault weapons. Trump promised universal background checks, then caved to the NRA.


Biden honors the military. Trump calls his generals "pussies" and those who died in the service of our country "suckers" and "losers."


Biden wants to be president of all Americans. Trump only represents his base.

Biden is respected throughout the world. Trump is an international laughingstock.

Biden is fighting global warming, racism and gun violence. Trump is fighting immigration, fake news and the deep state.


Biden quickly recognized the threat of COVID and developed a plan to contain it. Trump downplayed the severity of the disease, lied to the country about it, tried to blame local governments, took "no responsibility at all" for the rising death toll, held rallies in defiance of scientific guidelines and pushed states to re-open before it was safe.

Biden wears a mask. Trump mocked those who wear masks.

Biden has tested negative. Trump tested positive, spent several days in the hospital, received extraordinary treatments not available to any other American, then declared "don't be afraid of COVID."

Over 215,000 are dead largely because of Trump's incompetence and malfeasance.

The contrast couldn't be clearer. The stakes couldn't be higher.

If your vote wasn't important, Trump wouldn't be trying so hard to suppress it.

So vote like your life depends on it. Vote like democracy depends on it.

Vote for Joe Biden.


Gary Cavalli - Bowl and League co-founder, author, speaker 

Gary Cavalli, the former Sports Information Director and Associate Athletic Director at Stanford University, was co-founder and executive director of the college football bowl game played in the Bay Area, and previously was co-founder and President of the American Basketball League.

Get in touch//@cavalli49//

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